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I'm a musician, I just happen to have a full-time job...

Take one washed up college basketball player and give him a guitar- the clay howard story


A brief History:

1st Band- Society’s Child 1989-1991 ( I think these dates are correct) Maybe I’ll give a teaser of these tunes here, soon….

Bought a guitar in the late 80’s because it looked cool. Always wanted to be a singer in a band, finally got the nerve and would sing a couple covers with local cover band, Cathouse, in the late 80’s- this is where I met my friend Benjy Johnson with whom I would later be in several bands, Bonehead and Diggin’ Taters.

Bonehead played one show before calling it quits, there were a few recordings, but I have not heard them in ages… there is a reason for this.

Diggin’ Taters took up most of the mid-late 90’s and found us beating the path of the Mid South, putting out 2 well-received cds, and recording a 3rd , as yet unreleased, cd.

A year in original Christian band, THEmessage, followed, with one cd, “Spiritual Grafitti” being released. THEmessage also had a song picked for an international compilation, as well as having 2 songs optioned for the movie, “GONE.” these songs, alas, were not used in the final release of the film.

After THEmessage, I had a tenure as an acoustic coffehouse performer before joining Barely White in the winter of 2002.

Barely White recorded a 12 song cd, which rocks, but has yet to be released. However, one song from this cd was picked up by Basina Records for a National release in December 2005. Barely White has been on an extended hiatus since August of 2004, however I have plans to write with my friend James Griffey again….soon.

Sometime in 2001, I wrote and recorded a Christmas song, called, ”No Snow at Christmas,” which was picked up for a National Compilation in 2004 and received airplay on over 200 college and internet stations during the course of the 2004 Christmas season.

Starting in August 2004, I began writing, playing and recording with international recording artists, stratocruiser. We have cds out on ZiP records , San Francisco and Wizzard-In-Vinyl records, Tokyo, Japan, as well as a 7″ vinyl single that was released on Greensboro’s own, Just Plain Lucky records in August of 2005. In total we released ...well, a whole bunch of stuff- go look, you can find it! the full length records were:

Suburban Contemporary
The Spark
OK, Class... the best of stratocruiser
Sitting Pretty at the End of the world

 In addition to these we released a whole bunch of singles a couple EP' of all Neil Diamond songs..really. We had songs licensed for television and movies....We called it a day in late 2014

For the past 15 years, I have also played acoustic cover gigs as a solo artist. These gigs take me everywhere from Country Clubs to bars, from living rooms to garages. Hey- music has no want me to play somewhere- let's talk.

I have released 3 solo records in the past two years, and have a new limited edition vinyl release coming out in April 2019