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"Clay Howard is a phenomenal musical talent. The voice that comes to you out of the amp is clean and clear, giving each song a presence all it’s own. "
Triad Live Music

" might not know who Clay is before you spin this, but you will by the end of this record. On display is a man that spins out one great song after another."
 Music Reviews By Michael (Canadian Blogger)

Fans of rock will delight in what Howard and Arens have produced, with the variety of straight rock, rock ballads, and retro anthems delivering a solid listening experience."

YES! Weekly

"Clay built a formidable reputation with his band Stratocruiser, which spent years making some of the best original rock music to roll out of North Carolina. 

Now Clay has a solo album, "Who The Hell Is Clay Howard" and it is a MONSTROUSLY GREAT disc. 

Howard has long been one of the great under-recognized rock vocalists, and on this disc he marries that great voice to a batch of terrific original songs that stick the big hooks that are the hallmarks of grand power-pop within sparse-but-perfect arrangements that rock hard without sacrificing one smidgen of melodic allure.
It is one of the best albums I have heard this year. "

Ed Bumgardner
Freelance Music Writer


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